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New Mexico Homebrewing Competition

The 2017 New Mexico Homebrewing Competition (NMHC) is open to any homebrewer in the USA, replaces the ProAm competition, and due to several reasons, is only for amateur brewers, cider and meadmakers. We’re using the BJCP 2015 guidelines http://www.bjcp.org/stylecenter.php where this link will give you style guidelines for beer, cider and mead.

Registration window is August 18th through September 15th.  Entries will be accepted through September 15th at the drop off locations listed in the Reggiebeer registration site.  Bottle Check-In is September 16th, and we gratefully need help, if you’re willing (free lunch!!).  Judging will take place Friday, September 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th, and October 1st (if needed).  The awards presentation will be at 6:00 PM Sunday, October 1st. NOTE:  You must be present to receive prizes, other than medals.  If you can’t make it, please get someone to take your prize(s) for you, otherwise they will be given away at the awards presentation.


Two bottles per entry required, and to cover software charges, and Paypal, is $7.50 per entry and $7.00 for each entry after five entries.   Payment will NOT be accepted at entry drop-off points.  Checks/Cash will ONLY be accepted at the Sept 7th Dukes of Ale meeting at Rio Bravo from 6:30pm – 8pm.  You may enter more than once per style and except for the following, only one per sub style as long as these entries are distinctly different from each other.(27,28A,28B,28C,29A,29B,29C,30A,30B,30C,31A,31B,32A,32B,33A,33B,34A,34B,34C,Meads,Ciders).

Example: you can enter a Mild, British Brown, and a Porter (13 A, B, C) but you can’t have two Porters, which is a sub style of Category 13.  You can have a Cranberry Mead, AND, a Blueberry Mead, so they are the same substyle but different fruits.  Twelve ounce bottles are preferred but other sizes are accepted.  Sorry, we can’t return bottles.  Place entry label on the NECK of the bottle with a rubber band.  Don’t glue it on, so we can remove it easily.  Remove any labels or other identifiers that may indicate whose beer it is, for fair judging purposes. Jeff Jantz (dukesofalejeff@gmail.com) is the competition director, so any questions can be directed to him.  Reggiebeer questions can go to Nelson (Nelson@reggiebeer.com).


Note: The judges reserve the right to combine categories if there are less than 5 entries.
Light Lager English Brown Ale Fruit Beer
1. 1A.  American Light Lager 1. 13A. Dark Mild 1. 29A.  Fruit Beer*
2. 1B.  American Lager 2. 27D. London Brown Ale 2. 29B.  Fruit and Spice Beer*
3. 2A. International Pale Lager 3. 13B. British Brown Ale 3. 29C.  Specialty Fruit Beer*
4. 5A. German Leichtbier Porter Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Pale European Lager 1. 13C. English Porter 1. 30A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer*
2. 27G. Pre-Prohibition Porter 2. 30B. Autumn Seasonal Beer*
1. 4A.  Munich Helles 3. 20A. American Porter 3. 30C. Winter Seasonal Beer*
2. 4B.  Festbier 4. 9C. Baltic Porter Smoke-Flavored & Wood-Aged Beer
3. 5C. Helles Exportbier Stout 1. 27E. Piwo Grodziskie*
4. 5B. Kölsch 1. 15B. Irish Stout 2. 27C. Lichtenhainer*
Pilsner 2. 15C. Irish Extra Stout 3. 6B. Rauchbier
1. 3A. Czech Pale Lager 3. 16A. Sweet Stout 4. 32A. Classic Style Smoked Beer*
2. 5D. German Pils 4. 16B. Oatmeal Stout 5. 33A. Wood-Aged Beer*
3. 3B. Czech Premium Pale Lager Strong Stout 6. 32B. Specialty Smoked Beer*
4. 27F. Pre-Prohibition Lager 1. 16C. Tropical Stout 7. 33B. Specialty Wood-Aged*
Amber Lager 2. 16D. Foreign Export Stout American Wild Ale
1. 2B. International Amber Lager 3. 20B. American Stout 1. 28A. Brett Beer*
2. 7A. Vienna Lager 4. 20C. Imperial Stout 2. 28B. Mixed Ferm. Sour Beer*
3. 3C. Czech Amber Lager American IPA (21A) 3. 28C. Soured Fruit Beer*
4. 6A. Märzen Double IPA (22A) Specialty Beer
5. 7C. Kellerbier* Specialty IPA (21B)  1. 31A. Alternative Grain Beer*
6. 7B. Altbier German Wheat & Rye Beer 2. 31B. Alternative Sugar Beer*
Dark Lager 1. 10A. Weissbier 3. 34D. Clone Beer (non-Belgian)*
1. 2C. International Dark Lager 2. 10B. Dunkels Weissbier 4. 34B. Mixed-Style Beer*
2. 8A. Munich Dunkel 3. 10C. Weizenbock* 5. 34C. Experimental Beer*
3. 3D.  Czech Dark Lager 4. 27H. Roggenbier 6. 27J. Other Historical Beer*
4. 8B.  Schwarzbier 5. 27I. Sahti Traditional Mead
Bock Belgian Ale 1. 35A.  Dry Mead*
1. 4C. Helles Bock 24A. Witbier 2. 35B.  Semi-Sweet Mead*
2. 6C. Dunkels Bock 26A. Trappist Single 3. 35C.  Sweet Mead*
3. 9A.  Doppelbock* 24B. Belgian Pale Ale Fruit Mead
4. 9B.  Eisbock 25B. Saison 2. 36B.  Pyment*
English Pale Ale 24C. Biere de Garde 3. 36C.  Berry Mead*
1. 11A.  Ordinary Bitter 34A. Clone Beer (Belgian Styles) 4. 36D.  Stone Fruit Mead*
2. 11B.  Best Bitter Strong Belgian & Trappist Ale 5. 36E.  Melomel*
3. 11C.  Strong Bitter 1. 25A. Belgian Blond Ale Spice & Specialty Mead
1. 12A.  British Golden Ale 2. 26B.  Belgian Dubbel 1. 37A.  Fruit & Spice Mead*
2. 12B.  Australian Sparkling Ale 3. 26C.  Belgian Tripel 2. 37B.  Spice, Herb, Vegetable Mead*
3. 12C.  English IPA 4. 25C. Belgian Golden Strong Ale 1. 38A.  Braggot*
Scottish & Irish Ale 5. 26D. Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2. 38B.  Historical Mead*
1. 14A. Scottish Light Sour Ale 3. 38C.  Experimental Mead*
2. 14B.  Scottish Heavy 1. 23A.  Berliner Weisse Standard Cider & Perry
3. 14C.  Scottish Export 2. 27A.  Historical Gose 1. 39A.  New World Cider*
4. 15A Irish Red Ale 3. 23B.  Flanders Red Ale 2. 39B.  English Cider*
5. 17C. Wee Heavy 4. 23C.  Oud Bruin 3. 39C.  French Cider*
6. American Pale Ale (18B) 5. 23D.  Lambic 4. 39D.  New World Perry*
Other Pale American Ale 6. 23E.   Gueuze 5. 39E.  Traditional Perry*
1. 1C. Cream Ale 7. 23F.   Fruit Lambic Specialty Cider & Perry
2. 18A. Blonde Ale  Strong Ale 1. 40A. New England Cider*
3. 1D. American Wheat Beer 1. 17A.  English Strong Ale 2. 40B. Cider with Other Fruit*
Amber and Brown American Ale 2. 17B.  Old Ale 3. 40C. Applewine*
1. 19A.  American Amber Ale 3. 22B. American Strong Ale 4. 40D. Ice Cider*
2. 19B.  California Common 4. 17D. English Barleywine 5. 40E. Cider with Herbs/Spices*
3. 19C.  American Brown Ale 5. 22C. American Barleywine 6. 40F. Specialty Cider/Per
4. 27B. Kentucky Common 6. 22D. Wheatwine


Click on the Reggiebeer.com link to get to this competition, AND, when you get redirected to paypal, use the “Buy Now” option, then write “NMHC entry fee” in the paypal note-to-seller, so we can keep track of it.


Either “create a new account”, or if you’ve competed using Reggiebeer, just type in your last name, and Reggiebeer will give you a list to pick your full name from.  Once you’re “in”, start populating your entries & information, then when you’re happy with the entries, print the labels, as-per the instructions.

Drop off Locations: Broken Trail Spirits & Brew 2921 Stanford Dr NE .  Southwest Grape & Grain 2801 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, Victor’s Homebrew 2436 San Mateo Pl NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, and Boxing Bear Brewery 10200 Corrales Rd, Albuquerque, NM 87114.  If mailing entries, use the Tractor Location, and put “Attn: NMHC”.