Hello and Welcome Fellow Brewers, Mead and Cider Makers!!!

Welcome to the Dukes of Ale Homebrew Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico serving the local homebrewing community by sharing ideas on what and how to brew, and by holding competitions. In addition to info on this website, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NM_Brewers/join to be a part of the email list.

The 2018 Enchanted Brewing Competition Page is Up!

The 2018 Enchanted Brewing Challenge is open to all amateur homebrewers and cider and mead makers in the USA.  The competition page is located at: http://dukesofale.com/upcoming-competitions/upcoming-competitions/

Important dates:

  • March 17 – April 6: Entry Registration
  • April 7: Bottle check-in
  • April 14-15: Judging weekend #1
  • April 21-22: Judging weekend #2
  • April 28: Additional day for judging, if needed
  • April 29: Awards Ceremony (Broken Trail Distillery)

Register for the competition and sign up for judging/stewarding at: https://reggiebeer.com


2017 New Mexico Homebrewing Competition Results Are Up!

Thank you all to all those that entered and helped judge, steward, and volunteer with this competition!

Photos are up on the Dukes Facebook Page. Score sheets are available as PDFs via your Reggiebeer account. And here is a link to the full list of winners!

Big Brew Day Pictures – 5/6/17

Excellent Set of Officers Leads the Way to a Stellar 2017 Season!

The Dukes elections provided a solid set of officers/volunteer list, no doubt! So we have: Jeff Jantz- President, Shannon Dyke and Scott Carpenter- VPs, Tim Lambert- Treasurer, Ryan Sarhan- Web Manager, Carolyn Parsey- Facebook Manager, and I’ll do some of the events planning/coordination but we could use another Events Director, to lighten the load. We’ve created a Competition Committee w/o a Competition Director, to lessen the burden on one person. If you want to join, we’d love to have you help! Current members are Jeff Jantz, Scott Carpenter, Kevin Fleming, Shannon Dyke, Marty and Tad Ashlock, and several others not “officially” on the list. I’m being honest in saying for 2017 we have one of the strongest set of officers in the history of the club! Here’s just a few events we’re planning: -“From Wort to Beer, to Spirits” Club beer recipe design to distillation at Broken Trails Distillery. -Explora, “Teaching Brewing Science”. -Mead & Cider Competition with Seminars (April). -Brewery Bicycle Tour. -Belgian & Trappist Ales Seminar, given by Berkeley (From Abbey Brewing), AND MUCH MORE TO COME
Kevin Fleming



December 7th Meeting and Officer Elections

Image result for broken trail brewery

Potluck signup —>here

Hey gang, we’re kicking up the fun-level at the December 7th meeting (@ Broken Trails, 6:30) by having a potluck to go with the featured Irish Whiskey Tapping. Earlier this year we designed a (BIG) Irish Stout, then Broken Trails brewed it, distilled it, and it’s been aging in one of the club’s twice-used oak barrel (Belgian Dark-Strong was last use). I hear it’s awesome!  So bring some food to share, and of course homebrew is always welcome! Also, it’s 2018 officer’s election, so if you’re interested, throw your name in the ring. Also, if you don’t want to be an “official” officer but want to help, or have a talent to share, that’s what keeps a great club running.  Please talk to one of the officers and we’ll put your talents to work (fun!). 2018 is already looking like a fun year, and we’re in the planning stage of having our January meeting at the new Bombs Away Brewery, run by a former Dukes member, and a great brewer.

Hope to see you all December 7th…….and I’ll see if I have any cider to bring 🙂
Frequent Questions
How often do the Dukes of Ale Meet?
The Dukes of Ale meet on the first Thursday of each month except for holidays. Meetings typically start at 6:30pm. We'll keep updates for special events, educational seminars, and meeting changes, on the calendar.
What does it cost to join?
A year's membership cost $25 per person. Your membership includes a general and liquor liability insurance, and many events throughout the year. You can join on line through Paypal, or at one of our meetings.
Do I need to know how to homebrew to join?
No, we have both seasoned veterans , novices and those that don't plan to brew but want to learn more about the brewing process and beer styles.
Can I donate to the Dukes of Ale?
Yes, the Dukes of Ale is now a Non-Profit 501 (c7) organization. As a non-profit we rely on membership dues, competition entry fees, and donations to fund our club, and events. Contact your accountant for more information on tax write offs regarding non-profits.

Over 100 members and growing, We love our club!.

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